Cryptic Crawlers

Cryptic Crawlers
From NZD $40.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Taupo, Waikato
  • Product code: PQUEYH

If you enjoy solving puzzles and working on cryptic clues then you will love the new "Cryptic Crawler" Game. Start by collecting your "mission pack & briefing" at Confinement Taupo's Location and then set off on your CBD crawl.   Take your time, have some fun,  it's more of a Crawl than a race.   Available in the afternoons, this is a great team game.  Perfect for work functions, friends, couples, Hens & Stag parties.  Ideal team sizes are 2 - 6.  Multiple teams can play at the same time.

Here is the story behind your mission... if you choose to accept it.

A distinguished scientist, immersed in the creation of innovative cocktail recipes, has made a groundbreaking discovery. This concoction, when blended together, holds the potential to revolutionize the entire entertainment industry. Aware of the scrutiny surrounding his work, he has taken precautions to safeguard the recipe. Employing cryptic measures, he has concealed the formula somewhere within the CBD.

The competition has caught wind of his advancements, prompting him to be vigilant about being surveilled. Fearing for his safety, he turns to your group, renowned for its adept puzzle-solving skills. Seeking your assistance, he intends to provide instructions encoded in various puzzles and ciphers. This strategic approach ensures that, if the information falls into the wrong hands, it remains unintelligible.

Your task is to decode and follow his instructions, pinpoint the locations you must visit, collect essential data, and ultimately deliver the prized recipe to his client before it becomes compromised by competitors.

As there are a number of venues involved, tickets are sold pending confirmation.  A deposit of $40 is taken at the time of ticket purchase,  full confirmation will be provided within 48 hours of ticket purchase.  Full payment is required on confirmation.