The Marvelous Circus

From NZD $37.00
  • Duration: 75 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Taupo, Waikato
  • Product code: PFUV1N

LAST CLUE CHANGE: December 2023
DIFFICULTY LEVELS: Standard 4/5, Advanced 4/5

You are the new performing act at The
Marvelous Circus, before you settle in there has been an unnerving discovery.
The fortune teller's crystal ball has vanished overnight, and they think
someone has taken it to sabotage her act. We need the crystal ball to perform
the Circus Show tonight, you only have 60 minutes before the first act in,
hurry, you're our only hope to recover it before
the curtain rises. 

*This room (while still difficult enough for adults) is a family friendly theme.