Confinement's Kill Room Game

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I have been kidnapped,  I have woken up in a plastic-lined room with a clock on the wall.   My head hurts.    I have found a note from a past victim,   it looks like I have an hour to escape, or else...... well you can probably guess...  I am scared. I have found a camera,  and some notes, I have put them all in an envelope.  Please help me piece together these clues to help me escape.  The door has a 4-digit lock on it.. please help.

Do you think you have got what it takes to help?

The aim of the game is to solve all the puzzles within a 60-minute time frame. Solve cryptic clues, decipher codes, and have fun!

Start the game by opening the first envelope.  The envelopes contain various items from which you will need to decipher the clues and figure out the 4-digit code to move on to the next envelope.   Each clue may be used more than once and may be used to solve something from another envelope.   Once you think you have the correct code,  use the included code cards, line them left to right, and Check your answer with the code checker.  If you are right then move to the next envelope.

We recommend smaller team sizes between 2-4 players to make sure everyone is getting engaged.

There is no age limit to play. However, it should be noted the difficulty levels were assigned with ages 10+ in mind. Adult assistance is recommended for younger players.